Collecting Postcards

I can’t quite remember but I know I was young when I first started collecting postcards. Most likely I was in elementary school and just old enough for my parents to let me earn pocket money and spend it on what I wanted.

On vacations I would want to get a souvenir and postcards are always the cheapest thing in the gift shop. Plus they don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase!

Now that I’m older I love collecting them even more since not only are they cheap but they are a nice visual reference for what I saw when I was on my vacation. For a while I just had my whole collection in a shoe box, then multiple shoeboxes when one was too small.

Recently I’ve started finding ways to display my collection. I’ve bought two large frames and created colleges of the postcards within. They are a wonderful, unique art piece on my walls. I’ve also bought a photo album to keep some of them in which makes it much easier for me to look over them all. They don’t all fit in the album though since postcards come in many different sizes. I’m hoping to get some more frames soon so I can display even more of my collection.

Galentine’s Day

So I should preface this by saying I don’t watch Park & Rec, my younger sister does. What little I’ve seen of the show is from when I’ve been in the room when she’s watching it.

However, this year she introduced me to concept from it called Galentine’s Day: a day for ladies celebrating ladies. I love, love, love this idea! What a fun excuse to get all of my girlfriends together and go out and spoil ourselves and each other! As an introvert, I sometimes need reasons like this to get out of my house, go out, and have some fun! Plus, for ladies who have significant others, this gives them back-to-back days of spoiling!

This year, going out was the plan, but sadly, my younger sister is currently sick. So instead, we will stay in, order some delicious food, and binge watch one of our TV shows together. Which, to me, is just as much fun!


I am an alumni of the University of Central Florida. I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media: Web Design in December of 2015. With experience in both front end and back end design, I use my knowledge to create visually compelling and interactive websites.

As a web designer, I combine my knowledge of many programming languages with the ability to make them work together. As a graphic artist, I use my knowledge of color theory and composition to create not only striking web pages but also products such as logos, print materials, etc. As a computer programmer, I understand the back end of websites which allows me to integrate them to work in collaboration with the front end without leaving out or misrepresenting the data that needs to be present on the website.

With knowledge in multiple programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP as well as familiarity with a multitude of online programming libraries, I bring all of my experience together cohesively to create numerous distinctive websites.

I am also proficient in various programming and design software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, focused mainly on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Other programs include Sharepoint, Final Cut Pro, Processing, Sublime Text, CodeBlocks, and the Microsoft Office Suite.