Pokémon Day

It’s Pokémon Day! I just learned about this day a few weeks go. I feel kind of bad about that considering how long I have been a fan…

I’ve owned at least one game for every generation of handheld that came out. I love starting a new journey and going through the regions defeating the gyms. My top game was Soul Silver because you got to travel through both Johto and Kanto plus one of your Pokémon followed you around! My second favorite is the more recent Sun game because of how great the graphics are plus the new Island Challenge you have to work through instead of battling gym leaders.

Most of favorite Pokémon are fire types so that’s the one I normally choose as my starter. However, sometimes I choose differently depending on if I really like the design of a different one. For the 5th Generation, in Unova, I chose Oshawott and in the 8th Generation, Alola, I chose Rowlet.

I downloaded the Pokémon GO app soon after it came out (I had to wait a few weeks until I could buy a phone that would support the game) and I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s my go to game whenever I’m traveling and it’s definitely motivated me to exercise more.

Recently, I bought Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and even though it only has the first generation (except for Meltan and Melmetal) it’s a lot of fun! I love how each of the Pokémon have their animation to follow you. Also, the riding Pokémon are great. My favorite is Haunter!

Throwback Thursday: Conventions

I have been lucky enough to attend five conventions throughout Florida. Each of them has been memorable and full of geeky fun.

The first time I went to MegaCon, either 2007 or 2008, I went with my sisters. My older sister had been to conventions before but it was my younger sister and myself’s first time. Of course, we were super excited wanted to dress up. So our costumes became but whatever we found in our house. I, for example, went wearing my older sisters karate gi….

The second convention I went to was MegaCon in 2009. Again, I went with my sisters but this time we were prepared! My older sister created each of us costumes. She went as Wonder Woman, I went as Troia, and my younger sister was Wonder Girl. So not only were we all in costume but we had a theme! As you can guess, people did ask to take our photo. The only I didn’t like about the costume was that I used temporary hair dye to change my blonde hair to black and by the end of the convention the dye was all over my hands and my forehead.

The third time I went was, again, MegaCon in 2014. This time I went with one my college friends. We didn’t dress up in costume although we both made sure to wear Geeky t-shirts. However, together we paid to get a photo with John Barrowman and, on a spur of the moment decision, I also paid hand my camera to man and get my photo with James Marsters.

The fourth time I attended a convention was SuperCon in 2016. This was because my cousins were going to be visiting my family from Oregon so we hunted for convention that was going would be going on while there were in Florida. This was my largest group yet and they are all family members. All together there was me, my two sisters, my brother and his wife, and my three cousins. That’s eight people! Plus, we did a costume theme and we all dressed as Star Wars characters. I was a Stormtrooper. The fact were such a large group definitely got us noticed. When my older sister and I split off to go to the bathroom a lady asked us if we were with the ‘Star Wars family’.

The last time I was lucky enough to go to a convention was, again, SuperCon in 2017. We picked it for the same reasons as previous. This year my group consisted of myself, my younger sister, my eldest sister and her boyfriend (now fiancé), my brother and his wife, two of my cousins from Oregon and my one cousin from Florida so nine people this time! Technically nine and a half if we consider the fact that my sister-in-law was pregnant at the time. We decided to with a DC Comics theme that year and I was got to dress up as Batgirl! We even paid to get our photo taken in front of a green screen and got to pick what went behind us. The person emailed us that photo as well as the green screen file which means I was able to PhotoShop us standing in front of the Justice League’s Hall of Justice.

Each trip was tons of fun and I’m hoping I can attend my 6th convention later this year.