Throwback Thursday: Study Abroad in Italy – Week One

In 2014 I was fortunate enough to participate in an Art History Study Abroad in Italy. Funnily enough I had learned about it the previous year when I was taking an first Art History course but I couldn’t go that year as I would have missed my brother’s wedding. The trip was four weeks long. Three of those weeks were spent in Florence and the last week in Rome with day trips to places such as Piza, Ostia Antica, and more.

The first day was a just a basic tour of Florence by the school we were partnered with then a more personal tour by my teacher. The second day we went inside the Duomo and saw the Cathedral climbing up to the top. The third day we climbed the Campinale. My teacher said normally she wouldn’t have had us climb so many stairs (around 900 I believe all together) back to back especially not so soon! However, there was a discount going on so doing so we some money.

Continuing on the third day we went to the museum to view the Baptistry doors created by Lorenzo Ghiberti. Then finished the day seeing Michelangelo’s “Pieta”. It’s amazing seeing things in person that you had only learned about in books. Everything so much bigger than I imagined.

The fourth day we toured the San Marco which consists of a church and a convent and has some AMAZING frescos. The fifth day we visited Clet Abraham’s studio who does some really cool street art. Sadly, he wasn’t in but I did buy some post cards and stickers there. Then we went to the San Miniato al Monte where we saw the beautiful “Christ between the Virigin and St Minias” mosaic.

That’s all for the first week! It’s hard to remember everything I saw. I might have to break back out my Art History books to help my identify artwork I took pictures of and the different places I went.