Collecting Postcards

I can’t quite remember but I know I was young when I first started collecting postcards. Most likely I was in elementary school and just old enough for my parents to let me earn pocket money and spend it on what I wanted.

On vacations I would want to get a souvenir and postcards are always the cheapest thing in the gift shop. Plus they don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase!

Now that I’m older I love collecting them even more since not only are they cheap but they are a nice visual reference for what I saw when I was on my vacation. For a while I just had my whole collection in a shoe box, then multiple shoeboxes when one was too small.

Recently I’ve started finding ways to display my collection. I’ve bought two large frames and created colleges of the postcards within. They are a wonderful, unique art piece on my walls. I’ve also bought a photo album to keep some of them in which makes it much easier for me to look over them all. They don’t all fit in the album though since postcards come in many different sizes. I’m hoping to get some more frames soon so I can display even more of my collection.

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