Pokémon Day

It’s Pokémon Day! I just learned about this day a few weeks go. I feel kind of bad about that considering how long I have been a fan…

I’ve owned at least one game for every generation of handheld that came out. I love starting a new journey and going through the regions defeating the gyms. My top game was Soul Silver because you got to travel through both Johto and Kanto plus one of your Pokémon followed you around! My second favorite is the more recent Sun game because of how great the graphics are plus the new Island Challenge you have to work through instead of battling gym leaders.

Most of favorite Pokémon are fire types so that’s the one I normally choose as my starter. However, sometimes I choose differently depending on if I really like the design of a different one. For the 5th Generation, in Unova, I chose Oshawott and in the 8th Generation, Alola, I chose Rowlet.

I downloaded the Pokémon GO app soon after it came out (I had to wait a few weeks until I could buy a phone that would support the game) and I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s my go to game whenever I’m traveling and it’s definitely motivated me to exercise more.

Recently, I bought Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and even though it only has the first generation (except for Meltan and Melmetal) it’s a lot of fun! I love how each of the Pokémon have their animation to follow you. Also, the riding Pokémon are great. My favorite is Haunter!

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